Questura Herp A Derp

This morning, I had to bring the last documents necessary for my sojourn permit to the questura or the police commissariat. I had an appointment for 9:20, so I arrived around 9 – after getting off at the wrong stop (thanks a lot, Google maps) and walking at first in the wrong direction. A good think I had given myself an hour to get there.

I looked around but couldn’t see any place where I might sign up or take a number, so I sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. By half by 10, I was beginning to wonder what was going on. That’s when I noticed a man waiting to go to the counter; he was holding in his hand the exact same paper I had gotten from the post office setting a day and time. Which is when I realized I was supposed to hand that in and then wait for them to call my name. Herp!

So I did that. Since I was already late, I was called within minutes. Things were going swimmingly with the nice lady who could speak English, and then we got to the taking of the fingerprints. Over and over and over she tried to register my prints on her machine. They just would not take. She sent me off to wash my hands in the hopes that that would work. Nope.

Finally, she gave me over to the polizia scienzia, who has a giant machine for taking fingerprints. Apparently, my fingers were particularly oily as the technician had to clean them before they could get a good reading. It’s not very comfortable, having your fingerprints taken. They kind of push your fingers down to get a good reading, which can be unpleasant when you have arthritis.

Anyway, it’s done now, and it only took, well, the whole morning. And now I have to wait for another month or two before I finally get my papers.

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