Today was another productive day with regards to settling down in Trento.

Yesterday, we came to an agreement with a building owner for a very nice apartment not too far from the city centre.

Today, we went to the bus station to submit the paperwork so that I can obtain a yearly bus pass at a slightly reduced price. We opened a bank account at an Italian bank. And I accidentally tested the Otterbox that protects my iPhone. It’s not exactly the model that that links to, but close enough.

We were walking in downtown Trento, where the streets are all cobblestone. My foot got caught in a slight elevation in the street, and I fell face forward, straight on my face; well, I cushioned my fall with my hands at the last minute.. I had my iPhone out at the time, as I was trying to orient ourselves through the maze of small streets towards the bank building. So I dropped my iPhone on the cobbled street. And it survived the fall.

My dignity, on the other hand…

I don’t know if I’m going to come out in bruises, but my muscles hurt all over.

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