And We’re Off And Running!

Well, after a couple of weeks of mostly running around taking care of bureaucratic stuff, I’m starting to actually do some work.

Today, I had a meeting with a couple of masters’ students to talk about their project.

Friday, I am meeting with the Smart Campus people to find out what they’ve been doing and what they’re planning on doing. And the UI team will have a smaller meeting to discuss our next round of data collection.

I have also learned that my main roles for the project will be project manager and methodology planner. So I’m going to be more in an overview position, which is going to be interesting. The other interesting thing is to be part of such a large research group. I am so used to tiny groups with limited budgets where solutions are McGyvered out of a bandaid, a brooch, and a paper clip.

I do enjoy being on a university campus once again. I liked working at the CRC but I missed the energizing presence of smart graduate students.

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