Via Preference: It’s Not Usable If You Can’t Access It

I was looking at how expensive it would be to go to Toronto by train for the upcoming GI PC meeting and discovered that Via Rail has a reward program called Via Preference. Since I love train travel, I thought I might as well sign up.

The sign-up process itself was simple enough: fill out the form, bla bla bla, nothing new there. With these kinds of online sign-up systems, there is usually a step in which the information that will let you sign up is sent to the email address you provide. To my surprise, though, Via Preference presented me with a page giving me my membership number and eschewing the whole “wait until we send you an email so that you can officially sign up” rigmarole. Which would be great, except that the membership number I copied/pasted doesn’t work.

Now usually this wouldn’t be a major problem. Click on “forget password?” and expect them to send the information to the email address you gave them, right? Nope. Via wants me to enter my membership number. Except that the number is wrong. And since they didn’t send me an email with the correct membership number, I have no way of recuperating the correct number. Which leaves me up the proverbial creek paddle-less.

Yes, I tried using the back button on my browser. No, I couldn’t reach the page where the number was displayed.

I am going to try emailing them. Maybe I’ll be able to get the information back.

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