I have been told that we are having unseasonably warm weather here in Trento. It got up to 17 degrees Celsius today. However, as soon as the sun sets, the weather turns chilly. Makes me miss my electric blanket.

The weekend was a quiet one. With Odin showing signs of separation anxiety during his first days, we just wanted to stay home and chill. Plus, I hurt my left thigh muscle a couple of weeks ago and I’m slowly getting back to normal; but in the meantime, I start hurting if I’ve been walking for too long, so I’m trying to take it easy for now.

I just noticed that I forgot to update my website before leaving the government. As soon as I’ve got a computer at work and managed to upload my external hard drive, I’ll be able to change that information.

I must say, it’s beautiful here. We’re in the locality of Vela, which is a neighbourhood in Trento. It’s east of the city centre. I work in Povo, which is west of the city centre: two different buses to get there.

Next week, André is going to start looking at apartments for us and we should also be going to the police station to hand in our documents.

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