Farmville And Diabetes

Quite recently, André was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This has had a major impact on our lives. André spends his time reading food labels in search of information on total carbohydrates and he is much more careful about what he eats and drinks (I’ve never seen him eat so much salad). Meanwhile, I spend my time quizzing him on what he’s eating, what he’s allowed to eat, what his glucose level is, as well as reminding him to take his pills.

I was thinking about my role as supporter and cheerleader and started comparing it to the Facebook game Farmville. If you’ve never played Farmville, this little video might help you understand what it is. Or maybe not. Basically, you have a farm where you can plant crops which come to maturity after a variable number of hours, or raise animals and collect various items from said animals. As well, and of interest here, you can have neighbours (your FB friends) and go help them on their farms by chasing away animals, picking up leaves, or even fertilize their crops.

I am still not sure that I want to build games for the sick, but I would like to build apps to help people manage their illnesses. And when we do build these kinds of apps, we should take into account the rest of the family, who also have their roles to play.

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